What can be booked
Through our search engine you can view and purchase the different tourist services that will serve to compose your trip.
The products offered have been contracted directly with well known and appreciated tour operators, Italian and foreign.
The phases of a booking
In summary these are the steps of a reservation:

1) Select the service or services as per your needs
2) Complete the passenger list
3) Follow the booking procedure until you reach the "shopping basket"
4) Go into the system by entering your codes. If you have not already "an access code", you must register as a new user.
5) Confirm the reservation within 30 minutes. Otherwise the services will be deleted from the shopping cart.
6) Review the penalty cancellation and payment terms in effect for the services that you are booking.
7) Keep the e-mail confirmation with a summary of the services, which will be sent to the address linked to your profile. If you do not receive the email within a few hours, please contact support via the dedicated form, on the home page.
9) A confirmation email with attached vouchers of booked services, will only be sent when the total payment of the practice will be confirmed by the bank used.
Services which are not confirmable online
Services on demand

If the service could not be confirmed online you can still proceed with the binding agreement, which will be submitted directly to the operator.

A service can not be confirmed online when labelled as UPON REQUEST.
This can happen when:
- Is too close to the departure date.
- You are booking a special period (fair, event, exhibition, etc ..)
- The initial availability is sold out
- It has not yet been confirmed, due to lack of participants.

Please note that the booking ON REQUEST is binding, if the service is confirmed. Precisely for this reason, the system will always apply the same method of payment whether confirmable online services are present or not. Submitting a reservation ON DEMAND, you will receive a confirmation of this service as soon as possible, directly to your email.
Final confirmation
In order for a reservation to be confirmed, the following points are needed:

- The booking procedure has been completed.
- The e-mail confirming that all services booked are listed as CONFIRMED has been received (in case of services ON REQUEST, our staff will provide 'to reply as soon as possible).
- The payments is completed in accordance with the terms indicated upon confirmation
- A confirmation email with attached the Travel documents (Vouchers), which will be printed and delivered to service providers, has been received.
How to add a service to an existing booking procedure
To add a service to an existing booking procedure, you can:
- Log on to the site by logging in with your access credentials
- Open te booking in the shopping cart after selecting it on the list of the existing bookings
- Select the services you want to add, via search engines, as you would if you were making a new reservation
- Complete the process until the final confirmation, which will display all services previously added and those added in the current session.
Changes and Cancellations
To delete one or more services of a reservation:
- Log on to the site by logging in with your access credentials
- Open te booking in the shopping cart after selecting it on the list of the existing bookings
- Select the services that you want to delete and press the enter button
- Complete the process until the final confirmation, in which all deleted services will be displayed as such

For submitting modifications or changes you must use the appropriate electronic form within our home page.
Requests will be evaluated by the operating department that will operate to respond in the shortest possible time.

In case of cancellations or changes that lead to the application of penalties, the summary of the amount still owed or that will be refund (following the required procedures) is always available in the information of Bookings, within your profile.

NOTA BENE: In the event of changes for which the total cancellation of a practice or service is more convenient, a new payment is needed. If you have already sent a payment for cancelled services, the previously paid amount will be recharged within 48 hours (considering working days only.)
Penalty Cancellation
The penalties applicable for each reservation are displayed in the shopping cart before proceeding to final confirmation and also in the practice list when a booking has been already confirmed.

Reservations ON REQUEST:
The penalty can only be applied when the service has already been CONFIRMED.
A confirmation email is sent to the provided email address every time the status of a service is changed by our staff or suppliers.
The advantages of booking online on the Equipage website
As an example, here are some of the advantages you have by booking online on Equipage Tour

- No fee for opening a booking or anything else.
- Extremely wide choice of hotels and accommodations
- All information regarding the services are updated by the providers
- The prices are much lower than those provided by the italian Tour Operators and other portals for the Italian market and are even further discounted compared to the prices that can be found in other agencies.
- All services offered unless otherwise stated can be confirmed in real time and can be payable online (by credit card)
- The confirmation will be sent immediately via e-mail along with your travel documents
But booking from home, could the credit card codes be intercepted?
When you book with us a journey, a trip or other, you do not do any banking operation inside our website. Easy to understand, the customer is sent to a so-called "secure website" of a bank, with which we have a contract, which provides the operation guarantees. The safer and safer protection systems, known as "firewalls", which are placed in defense of the banks' servers, are certainly not easy to circumvent; just think that an interbank mediations website manages a dozen of firewalls!